Menorah lights up Canary Wharf

There is some special illumination happening in Canary Wharf this week. A menorah has been installed in Jubilee Park to commemorate the Jewish festival of Chanukah, which runs from the evening of 1 December to 9 December.

Chanukah, also known as the festival of lights, sees the kindling of eight candles on the Menorah. A candle will be lit for each of the eight nights of the festival.

This is the 12th consecutive year that Canary Wharf has installed a Menorah, accompanying separate candle lighting ceremonies at Clifford Chance and HSBC.

Danny Seliger from Canary Wharf Group plc (CWG) says:

“We welcome people from around Canary Wharf and London to stop by and have a look at our Menorah lighting the winter darkness. The menorah symbolically creates a sense of optimism, and this is important, not least because the past couple of years have been difficult for many people.”

The menorah is part of a wide variety of faith-based celebrations supported by CWG, part of its ongoing engagement with the local community